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Die 7 Engel, mit den 7 Posaunen, machen sich bereit zu posaunen. 



NIE Theater in Kooperation mit der FU Berlin


Theaterpädagogisches Projekt 

Grundschule Moabit

Premiere April 2024 Konzertsaal UdK.

hacer una mancha

manifest zu performativer praxis 

performance 2024

"putting together concrete actions. put them in relation to each other to create poetry. being led by the activity not led by a narrative. don’t hold back the emotions, changings, things that appear doing action. this could lead to narrative, to a character with a specific emotion, to a theatrical state. 


this is a practice


I don’t want to speak/ topic ( about ) anything specific. It could be anything. It would be too much or too little I know about the things I could say. 

I don’t want to produce any specific information. Not fixing any knowledge. 

so I want to do things. I want to be lead by the urge to do (concrete) physical activities to affect the brain, to affect the body.

this is my goal, I do. and this means, I am not dead. I hope that the things I do, will talk to you in a big variety of languages. 

that it will hit specifically in its abstractness. That the room we share for the performance, won’t hold too many barriers because of, for example, concrete language. I hope you get triggert just as far as you can cope. 

even if you are bored, I hope that will happen, then you will also feel the urge to do things to stay alive. 


this is a practice "

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